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I was never a fan of basketball. I was never a fan of the sneaker culture. However, the day that I watched Michael Jordan play back in 1984, was the day that I changed. Michael Jordan not only did he put basketball on the map but he also created a culture, a shoe culture.

Michael Jordan was a 6 time champion, 14 time NBA allstar, 5 time MVP. This goes to show the accomplishments that Michael Jordan has achieved in his life. He was the sole reason as to why Karl Malone and John Stockton does not have a NBA championship. Michael Jordan continued to hit clutch shot after shot one every team that he faced.

Ever since he wore the Air Jordan 1's, the black red Nike shoe in which he got fined $5000 for it instantly made me want to be like him. I wanted his shoes. I wanted to be HIM. Every year Nike released a new Air Jordan stemming from 1 to 23. The Air Jordan 23 is his last pair since it is the number that he wore on his back. Now they are simply counting by the year starting from 2009.

Air Jordan created the sneaker culture as every child wanted his shoes. These shoes were the most coveted shoe and now it is rare to find the old Jordans that every child once loved. However, they continue to release Retros of his original Jordans.

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